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Using Calendar Feature

One of the most convenient and user-friendly features on the new WYAA website is the ability to build your own family calendar.  While very helpful for parents with a child in even one activity, the real benefit comes to those parents who have multiple children involved at the same time in multiple sports. 

The feature offers the ability to within seconds print out a cumulative schedule in a calendar or list format for all of your kids' practices and games.  This is certain to save your family time and allow you to be more organized!
Follow these simple steps to lay out and print your family calendar. When you are logged in to the WYAA website:
•Go to the "Calendar" tab in the left navigation 
•Click "Show Tag Menu" 
•Click "Clear Tags" 
•Now check the box for the team(s) you want to utilize to create your calendar. At the bottom of the page you can "Print Page", subscribe to an RSS feed or subscribe to an iCal feed.