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Coaches Corner

Concussion Testing

Based on all the research that has been conducted on concussions and their effects on athletes, the WYBBA is recommending that all players complete a baseline concussion evaluation.  
What is a Baseline Concussion Evaluation?
A pre-concussion computer-based evaluation helps establish baseline cognitive functioning. This baseline can be compared to post-concussion testing if the athlete suffers a head injury.  Before the season starts, an athlete can complete the evaluation to measure attention, visual memory, reaction time and more.  The evaluation is completed on a computer through word identification and memory tests and takes about 30 minutes to complete.   Parents receive a copy of the results and test results are valid for 2 years.
Why Should Athletes Complete a Baseline Evaluation?
Baseline testing is recommended for athletes participating in all contact sports including basketball. Comparing the pre and post-concussion evaluations can help doctors and families determine when an athlete is ready to return to normal activities (athletes may not return to play until all concussion symptoms have subsided). 
Where can Families Obtain Baseline Concussion Evaluations?
Evaluations are available through Ridgeview Rehab Specialists at Ridgeview Westonka Clinic in Spring Park.  Call 952-442-7898 to schedule an appointment.  The cost is $5 per test.  Evaluations can also be completed at other clinics.  We encourage you to speak with your family doctor for more information or to find other testing locations, and schedule an evaluation.