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Q.  What is the WYBBA?

A. The Westonka Youth Basketball Association teaches basic basketball skills and fundamentals in a fun and competitive environment.  The goal of the association is to equip boys and girls with the skills and understanding of the game to compete at the middle and high school level.

Q.  What if my son or daughter has never played basketball before? 

A. Each year many of the players entering the program have had little experience playing basketball or some limited experience playing Community Education basketball.  Regardless, the purpose of the program is to allow kids the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of the game in a team environment.  The WYBBA's purpose is to help kids build the skills and confidence they need to move to the next level of competition. 

Q.  What is the time obligation and how much does it cost?

A. The season runs from November through February and consists of practices two days a week at one the Westonka gym facilities. Games are held on the weekends and are played throughout the Twin Cities Metro area.  Carpooling can usually be arranged.  The one time costs are different depending on grade and level of play.  For 2019-2020 registration fees run between $150 and $500.  Please refer to the registration page for details.   

Q.  Doesn't Community Education offer basketball?

A. Community Ed offers basketball up through the 3rd grade level and a couple of miscellaneous skills camps throughout the year.  The WYBBA partners with the School District and Community Ed to offer an intermediate stepping stone to the middle and high school programs for 3rd through 8th grade boys and girls.  The WYBBA works with the middle and high school coaches to teach the necessary skills to prepare players for the next level of competition.

Q. How do I learn more?

A. You are invited to call or e-mail board members with your questions.  Watch for the Westonka Community Education Fall catalog to get more information about registration dates and times.