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Playing Time Policy (ages 12 and under)

The WYBL Board has approved a new playing time policy for ages 12 and under during regular season league games. This policy was enacted to allow all players to develop their skills and talents.

  • No player sits more than 2 innings total in a 6 inning game
  • No player sits more than 2 innings in a row in a 6 inning game
  • Every player plays at least 2 innings of infield in a 6 inning game
  • No player pitches more than 2 innings of a 6 inning game

These rules allow for every player to play 4 innings, 2 of them infield per game and also allow for a minimum of 3 pitchers during a 6 inning game.

This assumes that a player shows up to practice on time, stays for the entire practice, and is not benched due to behavior or injury.

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