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Equipment Swap

Equipment Swap


What is Equipment Swap? Parents are able to post equipment they are willing to sell or donate on the Westonka Youth Football (WYF) website. Parents in need of equipment for their athlete can view the postings and contact the person listed for the equipment they are interested in.

To post or obtain equipment please read the disclaimer and then follow the instructions posted at the bottom of this page.

Equipment Swap Disclaimer


The Westonka Youth Football Association (WYF) is not reliable for any of the athletic equipment posted on this site. WYF is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur by the use of equipment purchased or obtained through this site, nor are the parties that are selling or donating the equipment

This website is only used to link parents to complete transactions to obtain, sell or donate football equipment.

Please use caution when selecting athletic equipment and make sure to check for:

  • Proper fit (for proper equipment fitting guidelines, click here)
  • Loose hardware
  • Damage to equipment
  • Date equipment was manufactured or recertified

*Note that when buying used helmets, once the helmet has been recertified, it may have an external sticker if the original certification logo has become illegible. Every helmet that has been recertified will have a label on the inside of the shell, under the padding, that will have the year of recertification and the name of the licensed company that performed the reconditioning and recertification. To learn more about the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) or athletic equipment safety, please visit

WYF encourages athletes and parents to get all the facts on protection against a concussion. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as USA Football, both provide excellent information on sports related concussions.

Directions for Posting Equipment

Please display postings in the following format:

Item for sale/donation:
Condition of item:
Contact Person:
Contact Phone/Email:

Once a post is submitted, it will then be approved for posting. Postings should be displayed within 24 hours. You must have an account and be logged in to comment on postings. When your item is no longer available or your posting is no longer relevant, please delete it.