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WYBBA Vision

The WYBBA is committed to encourage, and help develop basketball players at every level.  Understanding that the Gopher State, MYAS, and current accepted tournament structures operate on a tiered system (A, B, C, or I, II, III) the WYBBA operates within this standardized system of basketball skill levels.  To that end, the WYBBA evaluates players in each grade and attempts to place each player on an appropriate team and at the appropriate level of competition for their current skill.

Developing ALL players is critical to the success of the WYBBA and our high school programs.  If there are teams within the WYBBA that cannot compete at a tournament level, the WYBBA uses developmental leagues and programs for these teams.

The WYBBA operates independently of the Westonka School District and is a “traveling” program not affiliated with any conference or association.  The WYBBA will choose any tournament or program it sees as beneficial for each of it’s teams.

The WYBBA does not guarantee any specified amount or percentage of playing time during any single game at any of the levels managed by the organization.  The WYBBA does expect that the development of each player will happen in both practice and games and may be different for each individual.  The WYBBA expects the coaches to create a safe, healthy and competitive experience for each player.  The WYBBA expects coaches to develop and improve the skill levels of all players and to play each player as their talent allows.